AEA Avalon Artists Group: 323-692-1700 Voice: Soprano/Belt
Hair & Eyes: Brown Height: 54 Weight: 107 lbs  

  A Funny Thing Forum Philia Gray Wig Prod., Hal Simon
  Evita Eva The Stage, Tony Georgan
  Twelfth Night Viola Milk Can Theatre Co., Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
  Side By Side By Sondheim Woman 2 Plaza Theatrical Productions, Kate Beckman
  Pippin Catherine Cultural Arts Playhouse, Bruce Grossman
  Rags Bella New Flushing Town Hall, Kevin Wallace
  Lady Windermere's Fan Rosalie The Acting Company, Patricia Conolly  
  My Fair Lady Eliza Mt. Washington Valley, Andrew Glant-Linden
  Ruthless! The Musical Louise/Eve Florida Studio Theatre, Joal Paley
  Pirates of Penzance Isabel Sacramento Music Circus, Glenn Casale
  Romeo & Juliet Juliet National Theatre (National Tour), Rosey Hay
  Good News Connie Struthers Library Theatre, Kevin P. Hill
  Grease Sandy Mt. Washington Valley, Clay James
  Showtune Woman 3 Florida Studio Theatre, Fred Weiss
  Island of the Blue Dolphins Karana TheatreWorks/USA, Rob Ruggiero
  The Scarlet Pimpernel Ensemble Sacramento Music Circus, Glenn Casale
  Private Voice: Mary Saunders
  Hofstra University BFA Theatre Arts
  School for Film & Television (on-camera training)
  Ruth Nerken, Joan See, Richard Southern, Brian Keeler, Roy Steinberg
  Cultural Arts Center, Syosset, NY (NFAA/ARTS Awardee)
Special Skills:
Dialects (British, Cockney, Long Island)
                              Improv Ice Skating Swimming Driving  
  Recently performed in: Ruthless: The Musical
  Review: Parallel Lives: "The Mermaid"
"He aptly directs the talented cast, bringing the script to life.
Rachel Eve Moses is easy to feel sympathy for as the naïve Judith."
  Review: Tasty Fare: "Asteroid Belt"
"...these characters all come to life with warmth and realism, particularly Carly
(Rachel Eve Moses), who gives the most affecting performance of the evening."
  Review: "Livin' Life & Hangin' at Joe's"
"Rachel Eve Moses was one of the heartstrings that bound the whole
evening together with her combination of charisma and control. "
  Review: Stage Buzz: "Stranger Than Fiction"
"This is due in large part to the charming Moses, whose expressive face and
voice create a totally believable and lovable character."
  Photos from Twelth Night

Broadway Baby (MP3, 1 MB)

I Have a Love (MP3, 900k)

Borscht Belt Betty (MP3, 1.5 MB)

British Invasion
The Sound Heard ’Round the World

Florida Studio Theater, Sarasota
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The Revue features ... Rachel Eve Moses (straight out of Carnaby Street in boots, mini-skirt and ruffled top) on center stage. Moses sings - and she's very good, with a hint of Petula Clark in her delivery. Together, they put on a fine show - showing both a good grip on the material and nice banter and chemistry as an ad hoc group.

- Marty Fugate, The Observer
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Considering that the action of the play consists of nothing more than two people sitting at writing desks writing letters, the play is remarkably engaging. This is due in large part to the charming Moses, whose expressive face and voice create a totally believable and lovable character.

- Byrne Harrison, Stage Buzz

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